Beckford’s Maroon Over Proof 65% ABV 50cl

Beckford’s Maroon Over Proof 65% ABV


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Tasting Notes

  • 65% ABV
  • –  Premium Caribbean Rum blended with

    various flavours inc Caramel, Juicy Orange, Beet, Ginger, Rum Spice and a few secrets…..

  • –  Enjoy with a good ginger beer, ice & a slice.

Beckford’s Verdict

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United Kingdom



Product Reviews:

9 reviews for Beckford’s Maroon Over Proof 65% ABV 50cl

  1. AngB

    My favourite rum! Picked up a bottle at MCN Peterborough and wish I had stocked up.

  2. Connel Mcloone

    Amazing rum! Fantastic flavour and smells gorgeous. Tried a sample and bought a bottle from Malvern Flower show and will most likely be buying another once I get through this bottle!

  3. Jerry Smith

    Beautiful strong rum with plenty of flavour and heat, hints of pineapple and coconut, now ordering more!!

  4. Diana Smith

    Not normally into rum but had a sample at Eastbourne Air show and loved it. Smooth on the tongue and the the fire hits you. Love it.

  5. Darrin Stallard

    Wow wow .I thought O js Tikka fire 🔥 overproof RUM was great , but this maroon Beckford is amazing .the smell alone has a wonderful aroma, .the taste of the coconut with the pineapple hints are wow .then the heat hits but is smooth .love it .just wish bottle was 70cl

  6. Karen Gibson

    This is the Best Rum around!!!
    A true Quality Rum.
    Bought at Malvern Spring Garden Show.

  7. Scott Spruce

    Tries this at the NEC Birmingham at the Christmas Show was amazing so bought a bottle and will definitely be ordering more it was smooth taste and hints of all the different flavours was a treat to the taste buds will definitely recommend

  8. Karen Raschke

    A friend brought a bottle to me as a gift; I live in Virginia. It’s fantastic-tasting!

  9. Gaz

    Tried it at Mid Somerset Show, Sheption Mallet this year – and bought after one sip – one of the best tasting rum’s ever! Nearly finished my first bottle so now need another! Love the hit of oranges but the whole taste is huge!

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