Beckford’s Rum on sale in Scotland

We are delighted to welcome Billington’s of Lenzie as the first Scottish stockists of our award-winning Beckford’s Rum. Tastings have been taking place at their Glasgow store and Beckford’s will be distributed more widely across Scotland soon. More details to follow!

Did you know that rum was Scotland’s favourite tipple before the rise of Scotch Whisky?

Rum has been distilled in the Caribbean since the 17th century and sailors would bring the drink back to Scotland from the West Indies, where it was an instant hit, especially in Glasgow which was a hub for the exchange of sugar, alcohol and cotton.  

By the end of the 17th century, Glasgow was home to many rum distilleries and the city became synonymous with Rum Punch, a cocktail mixed and served in large bowls. It was only when a rum tax was introduced that whisky, which had recently been legalised, took over as the tipple of choice for the Scots.

Billingtons also stocks Beckford’s delicious 10.8% ABV Rum Punch in a can, so why not pop in, stock up, and help to relive Scotland’s rum history!