Euphemia Honey Whisky 40% ABV

This delicious smooth drink is made from a 3year old Scotch Whisky, blended with “Blossom Honey” for that perfect drink. Simply enjoy over ice.


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Tasting Notes

40% 3 year old Scottish Whisky, blended with Pure Blossom Honey. Smooth, rounded, good legs and rich.

Beckford’s Verdict

Bringing a natural sweetness of blossom honey makes this aged whisky very easy to drink while keeping the 40% ABV punch. If you carry a hip flask – simply add Euphemia.

Deliciously smooth just add ice. This drink will not disappoint…..

Product Reviews

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Product info:


40% ABV


United Kingdom



Product Reviews:

“Wow this is lovely, exceptionally smooth.”


“This tastes amazing! Lovely taste!”

Mandy Bath